Improving School Climate with 21st Century Skills

At Be Human(e), we are creating a world where education extends beyond academics, focusing on developing well-rounded, resilient individuals prepared to thrive in the digital era.

Our platform is designed to revolutionize the learning experience by blending AI mentorship with interactive, game-based learning, focusing on 21st-century life skills.

A Game-changer for your school

We help schools develop, measure, and assess students’ life-success skills through game-based learning.

Holistic Development

Elevate school attendance and grades while achieving measurable improvements in student well-being, ensuring a higher return on educational investments.

Data-Driven Insights

Utilize real-time analytics and evidence-based surveys to gain valuable insights into student progress, aiding in the creation of comprehensive reports and informed budgeting for your school.

Customizable Learning Paths

Unlock the potential of each student with 'Create Your Adventure' dashboard to craft exciting, customizable learning paths, perfectly aligned with individual needs and classroom trends.

Personalized Game-Based Learning for Students

Connect with students on their level, offering a nurturing environment for self-discovery.

“The era of Social disconnection and Outdated Education is finally over!”

Transform Your Classroom Experience


Rooted in a research-based framework, our programs are dedicated to honing life-success skills in students, encompassing emotional, social, and digital competencies, equipping them to excel in all aspects of their lives.

We utilize 8 different evidence-based surveys for periodical testing of students progress.

Our platform, grounded in research and evidence-based methodologies, empowers you to cultivate and accurately measure students’ wellbeing, pro-social behavior, digital intelligence.

Aligned with enhancing your school’s climate, our metrics system correlates with increased pro-social behaviors. This approach leads to improved school attendance and enhanced academic performance, contributing to the overall success of your students.

For middle and high school students, we’ve created 45 engaging game lessons to increase students’ social, emotional and digital intelligence. 

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User testimonials

“I like this program because we don’t talk enough about this in school, it’s just taken for granted.”

Student, 16

“I’ve already told my parents and friends about the program itself because I think that is exactly what the younger generations needs.”

Student, 17

“I would recommend this program because it helps us to acquire communication skills, and to get to know ourselves better to use our potentials.

Student, 16